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Vivian Stringer on winless Rutgers

Rutgers, Off to its worst start in program history, completely five turnovers in the first five minutes of the game, Was down 14 5 in the game’s first 10 minutes and vendor half were down twice that number.

princeton guard Bella Alarie takes a shot past Rutgers guard Kate Hill. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Princeton hadn’t been higher this month. Its 0 4 start seemed to be its worst in 16 years when it lost its first 16 games.

“We’ve gotten better and better each game,” new york coach Courtney Banghart said. “It was an item of time. Defensively we subbed a good, So it came down to a good defensive effort.”

Rutgers shot 20 p’cent, a whole lot worse with three pointers by missing 17 of 20. It made only cheap panther jerseys 11 field goals and fully commited 20 turnovers. In the first and third quarters it scored a mere five points.

new york, normally lost the blood and guts of last season’s NCAA squad, Hasn’t had a ousting season in 10 years, Banghart’s first on grounds.

In this game it shot 35 percent, But had 16 assists on its 19 baskets. At totally free whataburger coupons throw line it made 20 of 28. Freshman Bella Alarie led all scorers with 14 spots. Junior Tia Weledji came off the chairs to attain 12 points, gained four steals, Three boards and hit all four of her free throws.

“I think this may be a talented group,” talked about Weledji, the person from Kansas. “If we keep doing their best forward we’ll get to where we want to be. We truly learned from those who came before us, And we by all odds want to carry on the legacy that they’ve left.”

Most of Rutgers’ best players are sitting out the growing season due to transfer rules. going to remain, What it hung Friday afternoon was very uncharacteristic of a Stringer team.

Rutgers centre Desiree Keeling (32) Tries to take a shot as princeton forward Bella Alarie (31) And guard questionnaire Jordan (20) safeguard. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

“It’s depressing,” the Rutgers shuttle said, “Because you would think that the people who can play could credit card debt. it’s sad. it shouldn’t have a clue about what they see.”

What they saw on Pete Carril Court was a Princeton team which not that long ago week had lost at Delaware by four points and in overtime to Dayton.

new york has its next two Wholesale Football Jerseys, Cheap Jerseys Supply From China at home, Against Seton Hall saturday, and as well,as well cheap nfl jerseys as the Lafayette Dec. 7. the entire Leopards, to be sure, Are trained by former Rutgers coach Theresa Grentz.

the particular, past at Scarlet Knightville, Stringer was more off the record than on.

“I’m queasy,” she acknowledged. “i’m not sure what to say. I think the best thing to do is just calm my nerves. We have no fighters. When I said we could lose every game, that’s what I meant. We are capable of that.”

5 Biggest Networking Mistakes Guaranteed to Stall Your Career

Networking is an Art.

Networking. How many times have we heard it? It’s like saying, “Bless you” when you sneeze. It has, in a sense, lost its real meaning.

How you network can make all the difference in your career success. If you want to get ahead, your networking skills have to be cheap replica nfl jerseys from china sharp, savvy and yes, leveraged in such a way to propel you forward. Otherwise, you pretty much run the risk of getting overlooked for promotions, considered as a great candidate for a new job or advancing your current position. given a choice, people will always do business with people they know or with a person that has come highly recommended by a valued and trusted member of their network. The benefits to networking are endless but you have to be good at it. Really, really good. Great networking improves your ROI on:

Friendship benefits: You’ll make new friends that last for a lifetime.

Receiving and giving advice: You’ll get viewed as an expert.

Opportunities: Whether you garner upward career mobility or are making a move, employers want people who are highly recommended from others in like or supervisory positions. Your network can give you that.

Assistance on the job: have somewhere to go for assistance, suggestions, referrals and you’ll even have someone covering your back or giving you a heads up when you goof.

Positive influence: You become who you associate with.

Here are five of the biggest networking mistakes you can make:

1. Avoid a great profile on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is your biggest advantage for entry into good networking. has become the winning social media tool for career networking. Whether you are trying to grow your reach, find content or explore opportunities, this virtual meeting place is for many the first and last stop. The latest trend for employers is to look at your LinkedIn profile at the same time they are reviewing your resume. Potential contacts who can help you in your career will also check you out first on LinkedIn.

However, you will generate no interest without an interesting summary. LinkedIn is not a playback of your resume. To attract contacts, you’ll need to demonstrate your personality, take on the business world and show your worldliness. If you want to be taken seriously in today’s world, you cannot go without a full and professionally written LinkedIn profile.

go to association meetings, seminars and get togethers.

It’s one thing to join your association. It’s another to work the networking advantages it brings. Statistics show that face to face encounters render far longer benefits than an occasional email to someone you have never met. People tend to remember you. What will you learn from association networking? What’s happening in your community, new techniques, where the jobs are, the latest software, what firm is doing what (so you can take that information back to your firm and be valuable to management), and important events. It’s a great way to stay current, uncover “hot buttons” in the paralegal field and who knows? You where can i buy nfl jerseys might even have a little fun.

sure to alienate every recruiter who calls you.

Networking needs to include recruiters. Connect with them. They are invaluable. They hold the key to hundreds of contacts: HR, managing partners, paralegal supervisors, in house legal counsel, legal service providers, colleagues and more. They know salaries, firms, trends, and in particular, where the field is headed. In fact, they know if your firm is in trouble before you do.

Don’t be so smug if a recruiter calls or emails cheap jerseys review you about a new position. I can’t tell you how many times people ignore the call or treat the recruiter abysmally only to wake up a few weeks or months later to find their firm is laying off, merging or otherwise purging. Then what? Do you know where to go? You think back. “Oh, yeah. I’ll call that recruiter who called me a couple of months ago.” Right. calling them back after you have snubbed them. Most likely, they won’t take the call.

network with colleagues in your firm. Similarly, you may discover the firm is opening a new branch office in your dream destination, and if you connected with the right person, you could get a head start on applying for the transfer.

Who do you know? Some of the most important people to cheap mlb shirts connect with are the conduits to the power in your firm. That is, someone who can speak for paralegals. Network with colleagues, partners, associates, staff be sure to include everyone. People can tell you what’s going on in your own firm. You’ll get noticed. Everyone wants to be with a winner that other people respect. Hanging out alone in your office cheap nfl merchandise or cubicle will not get you advanced up the ladder. example, success stories such as Ralph Lauren, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and Jay Z all rose from modest beginnings. You can be sure those who showed them support w